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The Dangers of Farmed Fish

I want to share with you the dangers of consuming farmed fish. This is an image from our local grocery store. The price difference between farmed fish and wild caught fish is staggering. But too is the difference between the quality and level of toxicity of what you're consuming. First, take a look at the color difference -- the fresh caught fish is bright and pink and healthy looking. The farmed fish is pale and grey looking in a way that makes you question its age as well. Looks like it's been sitting around for awhile -- the equivalent of wilted produce. While it's enticing to save a few dollars (quite a few dollars in this instance) when grocery shopping, Buyer Beware. I do not support ANY purchase or consumption of ANY farmed fish. I'd skip fish before I buy a farmed fish product. Shrimp included! In fact, it's often rather difficult to find shrimp that isn't farmed! Check labels and watch for "wild caught" -- that's your fish! The link below is to an interesting article about the dangers of farmed fish. It's rather lengthy and references a documentary. But has pretty good information in it for your reading pleasure on the dangers of farmed fish. Here are some highlights from the article if you don't have the time to read the entire thing:

  • Fish can be one of the healthiest foods you can eat, but in the industrial age, you have to be ultra careful about choosing the right type of fish.

  • Typically, an inexpensive fish is mislabeled as a more expensive one. Some farmed fish are also passed off as wild. [reasons to know the visual difference, see above!]

  • Overall, farmed salmon is five times more toxic than any other food product tested.

  • A theory gaining traction is that rising rates of obesity is related to the increasing number of toxins and pollutants we’re exposed to through our environment and food.

  • Wild salmon contains about 5 to 7 percent fat, whereas the farmed variety can contain anywhere from 14.5 to 34 percent.

Check out the whole article here:

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