Ionic Foot Detox FAQs

How do I know I should get an Ionic Foot Detox?

Please consider the following questions during your evaluation: 1. Do you experience fatigue or low energy levels especially in the afternoon? 2. Do you experience brain fog, lack of concentration and/or poor memory? 3. Do you eat fast foods, fatty foods, pre-prepared foods, or fried foods on a regular basis? 4. Do you drink coffee or soda during the day to get yourself going? 5. Do you smoke? 6. Do you crave or eat sugar snacks, candies or desserts? 7. Do you have less than 2 bowel movements per day? 8. Do you feel sleepy after meals, bloated and/or gassy? 9. Do you experience heart burn or indigestion after eating? 10. Are you overweight or do you rarely exercise? 11. Do you experience reoccuring yeast or fungal infections? 12. Do you experience frequent headaches or migraines? 13. Do you have arthritic aches and pains of stiffness? 14. Do you take prescription medications on a regular basis? 15. Do you take prescription sedatives or stimulants? 16. Do you live with or near polluted air, water, or other environmental pollutions? 17. Do you use fluoridated toothpaste or drink fluoridated/chlorinated water? 18. Do you experience depression or mood swings (mental highs/lows)? 19. Do you have bad breath or excessive body odor? 20. Do you have food allergies or bad skin? 21. Are you showing signs of premature aging? If you answered "yes" to 4 or more of the above, then you're a good candidate for a cleaning program and could benefit from an Ionic Detoxification treatment schedule.

What are some of the benefits of Ionic Foot Detox?

Clients have reported the following benefits from their Foot Detox sessions: Pain Relief, including less joint stiffness, less headaches, less knee pain, less foot pain, less general muscle pain and more Increased energy Improved sleep Improved digestion Toxin reduction Decreased swelling Circulatory system improvement Reduced weight Skin improvements Emotional improvements Respiratory improvements and more ...

What conditions would prevent me from receiving an Ionic Foot Detox?

DO NOT USE THE IONIC DETOX SYSTEM IF YOU: Have a pacemaker or other battery-operated / electronic implants Have open wounds on your feet Are taking blood thinners or heartbeat regulating medications Have had an organ transplant Have Type 1 diabetes Are a child that is unsupervised USE AN IONIC DETOX SYSTEM ONLY UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A DOCTOR IF YOU: Are pregnant or nursing Have epilepsy Are currently undergoing radiation or chemotherapy Are a hemophiliac

Have any studies been done on the benefits of Ionic Foot Detox?

Yes! Ionic detox has been known to: Remove toxins, free radicals and body waste products that can cause health problems (In an Aug. ’04 study by Carlos A. Lopez-Moreno, MD, there was a significant deposit of urea, creatinine and glucose in the foot basin in 12 patients with chronic illnesses.) In a 2008 study by Center for Research Strategies (, 31 participants underwent ionic detox two times per week for 12 weeks. The amount of aluminum and arsenic in their blood was measured before and after the 12 weeks. The average blood aluminum level decreased by 46% from 79.8 ppb (parts per billion) to 43.1 ppb. The average blood arsenic level decreased 24% from 4.6 ppb to 3.5 ppb. In a 2002 study by Doctor’s Data in St. Charles, IL, there was an average increase in toxic metals found in the foot basin from nine independent sessions. Here is a list of metals that increased in concentration: Copper: 905%, Aluminum 339%, Lead 233%, Iron 174%, Manganese 140%, Antimony 128%, Cadmium 119% Raise pH levels. Approximately 95% of people experience a state of acidity in which their blood pH is lower than 7.45, indicating an excess of hydrogen ions. This makes an ideal breeding ground for worms, parasites, microorganisms and other critters that lower body function and cause disease.

Why do I wear a belt during this procedure?

During this procedure, you will be offered an infrared heat belt. Benefits can include: Multiplies Detox Effects of Foot Baths: Infrared heat increases the circulation and metabolic rate in your body. This allows you to more efficiently pull and distribute the negative ions from the foot bath throughout your body. By circulating the negative ions through your body, far infrared increases the foot detox’s benefits, allowing you to detoxify quicker and more efficiently! Provides Pain Relief: Infrared heat is often used to penetrate into the tissues and provide pain relief. The most common place for the belts to be used is around the waist and lower back. However, they can be placed almost anywhere to help with aching joints and muscles! The temperature for the infrared belt is between 110°F to 130°F. Remember, temperature is not important; the fact that you are receiving far infrared heat is. Benefits of Using the Infrared FIR Belt with Ionic Detox Foot Baths: Detox, Weight Loss, and Skin Purification -The Infrared Belt increases the body’s core temperature, helping to sweat and increase blood flow. When blood flow is increased, toxins are pulled out of injured tissues more effectively. This in turn also assists in weight loss and skin purification as your pores are cleansed. Infrared Belts also help to alleviate the toxic overload effect that happens when brown fat in the body is broken down. Pain Relief – Because of the increase in circulation and muscle relaxation that comes from heat therapy, you’ll experience less pain and aching in your muscles or joints. This includes arthritis pain. Enhances Negative Ions – Infrared Belts enhance the healing effects of negative ions. Essentially the Infrared Belt acts like a magnet that helps to pull negative ions throughout your body, promoting your body’s natural ability to detoxify itself. Improved Oxygen Flow and Healing – Heat increases oxygen delivery to tissues. When you use an Infrared Belt on a swollen part of your body, you are helping increase the oxygen supply to that area. Increase in oxygen means better tissue repair. This also gets rid of carbon dioxide, lowering the acid level in tissues.

Ok, really, why does the water change color?

Many providers of the Ionic Foot Detox have misinformed their customers, which has led to a lot of false information floating around about this service. During the session, the water in the basin will always change to an orange/brown color due to the electrolyc reaction involving the array, salt, minerals and water. But, when the feet are in the water, the colors are also affected by the oils released from the sebaceous glands, the dead cells and the user's own acidity/alkalinity. Some of the neutralized toxins will exist the body through the pores of the feet due to the negative charge and due to osmosis. An unusual amount oa particular color may indicate a person has accumlated toxins in certain areas or from certain conditions and that ionic detox is helping those areas (see information below). During this process, the toxins leave the body through the pores on the feet (nearly 2,000 pores per foot!). Therefore, the color change shouldn't be the main focus (although it IS interesting and we will check it out!), but we also encourage our clients tofocus on how they feel. Water Color / Particles : Location Detoxed Black: Liver, Alcohol, Asthma Gray: Heavy Metals Brown: Liver, Tobacco, Fat Waste Green: Kidneys, Bladder, Urinary Systems, Feminine Problems Light Green: Immune System Orange: Arthritis, Rheumatism White with Bubbles: Lymphatic System, Skin Allergies White with Particles: Flatulence, Candida

How often can I get this service?

It is recommended that the average healthy adult undergo 30-minute sessions 2x per week for 5 weeks. Following the 10 sessions, a maintanence program of 1 session every 7-10 days is recommended. That said, we meet our clients where they are. We're happy when clients are taking control of their health and wellness by beginning their journey and while the above protocol is ideal, we do not insist or enforce that our clients receive this intense of a protocol.

How long has this service been in existence?

The FDA approved Iontophoresis as a healing modality in 1970.

How does this service work?

It's easy! You sit and relax with your feet in a basin of warm water. We'll explain the entire process and how it works at our first appointment. But rest assured, this service is very easy and relaxing.