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Thermography is ... 

Thermography (also called Medical Infrared Imaging - MIT) is a non-invasive, non-contact, radiation-free, painless imaging that can assess abnormalities in wellness, inflammation and risk for breast cancer.  

Thermography measures temperature variations in the body using an FDA-approved, highly sophisticated and sensitive camera. Thermography creates a map of the skin surface temperature which can indicate an abnormal heat pattern which may be an indicator that something is happening in the body that could require more investigation.  

Thermography can be used at any time to detect and track areas of concerns. Thermography is no-radiation, no-compression and no-touch and is as easy as getting your picture taken.  

Thermography can provide information on:

Breast cancer risk assessment

Cause of pain in the body

Spine pain and back injury

Joint pain

Arthritis, sprains and strains

Circulation issues

Vascular pain

Risk for sports injury

Sub-clinical thyroid conditions

Skin cancer risk

Offering Breast Thermography & Full Body Thermography

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