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Nirvana Fusion Therapy

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Nirvana Fusion Therapy is teaming up with Renew Holistic Wellness to offer more services in health and wellness. Jessica G. now offers physical therapy services in a new space within Renew. 

Therapy | Needling

After spending over a decade in a "traditional" medical setting dictated by physicians and insurance companies, it is now time for me to take my knowledge of physical therapy and fuse customary practice with alternative options. Both philosophies have a place in medicine and work best when utilized together. My focus includes individual physical therapy treatment plans with a focus of manual based interventions including dry needling, cupping, kinesiotaping, joint mobilizations. Stretching, strengthening and yoga based exercises are also utilized to decrease muscle imbalances and create functional muscle memory. 

Jessica Gertz, DPT, RYT-200, Colon Hydrotherapist

Please note: you will be redirected from this site to book with Nirvana directly

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