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Massage Therapy


About Massage Therapy

In a massage therapy session, a massage therapist practitioner rubs and kneads the soft tissues of your body. These soft tissues include muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin. The massage therapist uses different pressures, movements and techniques based on your body's needs. 

Massage therapy is included as part of integrative wellness and it can be used for a wide range of conditions. With a goal of slowing down your nervous system, massage therapy can be used to release stress and tension, provide relief from symptoms, heal injuries and support wellness.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage offers a combination of different massage techniques to relax and soothe away stress. During your Swedish massage session, the practitioner will use their hands to work with your soft tissues and muscles – usually using long, gliding strokes and circular motions. This may help relax muscles and release pain and discomfort from the built-up tension. If you feel overworked, stressed, or have tense muscles, a Swedish massage may be a great way to begin reviving and relaxing your body and mind. Your preference for pressure — light, moderate, or firm — will be discussed with the practitioner in advance.  

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a focused and targeted massage on muscles used in sports. It uses various techniques to decrease muscle pain and improve recovery as well as improve overall range of motion and flexibility to support safe and effective movement. Sports massage will have a more firm pressure, as needed, in targeted sites, rather than the whole body. Sports massage may correct imbalances caused by athletic performance as it focuses on the fascia, which lines and connects all the structures in your body, including tendons and ligaments.  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Massage or MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is a light and gentle, skin stretching massage to promote the movement of lymphatic fluid in the body. It specifically focuses on the lymph vessels to help the flow of lymphatic fluid. The therapy is applied to the unaffected areas first to make it possible for the fluid to move out of the affected area(s) to help drain or decongest the area of concern. MLD can stimulate the lymph nodes to improve their activity in order to reroute stagnant lymphatic fluid. MLD can increase blood flow in the deep and superficial veins as well.


Reflexology is an ancient art which targets specific points on the feet that relate to all organs, glands and systems of the human body to promote healing. Some studies show that reflex action relieves pain and promotes healing by stimulating the appropriate points on the hands and feet. Benefits can include stress reduction, increase in circulation, more flexibility in hand and foot joints. During this service, the therapist will use hands to apply pressure to certain areas of your feet or hands based on the pain and discomfort you are experiencing.  

Swedish Massage - 60 Min - $95

Swedish Massage - 90 Min - $140

Sports Massage - 60 Min - $95

Sports Massage - 90 Min - $140

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - 45 Min - $85

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - 60 Min - $130

Reflexology (Feet, Hands or Both) - 30 Min - $50

(can also be added-on to a 60-Min massage)

Massage Therapy Pricing

Please note:  You will be asked to provide a credit card number to hold your appointment.



Benefits of Massage Therapy

While the benefits of massage therapy can be profound, ​they vary from person to person.  Possible benefits from massage therapy include: 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve sleep

  • Lessen pain and muscle tension

  • Improve immune function

  • Lessen symptoms of chronic illness

  • Increase sports performance

  • Help with flexibility / range of motion

  • Headache relief

  • Reduce muscle soreness and strain

  • Improve circulation

  • Reduce joint pain and arthritis

  • Counteract effects of prolonged sitting or standing

  • Help the digestive system

  • Boost focus

  • Help with posture

  • Calm the nervous system

  • Improve physical fitness

  • Reduce muscle spasms

  • Improve balance

  • and more .... 

We reserve the right to recommend against this service based on your new client intake form.

Please note:  You will be asked to provide a credit card number to hold your appointment.


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