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The Transformative Holistic Coaching Experience 

 Are you living in a state of constant flurry, easily irritated or overwhelmed?  Do things feel unorganized and you often hear that voice in your head pleading with you to "just get it together".   Let's shift that to feeling mentally sharp and flowing through your days with ease.

Are you exhausted but can't sleep? Or perhaps you crash at the end of the day and wake up throughout the night.  You wake up feeling groggy, tired, and wanting to give up before you even get out of bed?  Let's shift that to easing into a full restful night of sleep waking up refreshed and excited to tackle the day.

Are you finding yourself pulling back from activities and individuals that used to leave you energized and bring you joy?  Perhaps you are managing frequent illnesses or just simply feel an overall decreased sense of wellness.  Are you sick of feeling tired, hopeless, and powerless?  I have solutions for you!  

Are you feeling stuck in your current treatment plan, perhaps not meeting your health goals?  So you suffer from chronic illness and feel like there is something missing, like if you could just find the one piece to the puzzle things would finally click into place?  Perhaps you have this nagging sensation there is something needing to be done and things would shift and you would finally feel whole again.   If any of this is landing in your heart then holistic health coaching is for you.

Listen to that voice in your head that is begging you to find another way.  Schedule your discovery call today to see if holistic health coaching is for you!

Image by Sammie Chaffin

Coaching with Taylor

When clients come to me they often share that they are tired of not feeling like themselves, at times they feel disconnected from who they are.  Almost as if they are watching the events of their life from the outside.  My clients often share with me that they are tired of their symptoms being brushed off or feel they are not being heard by their medical care provider.  More importantly, they are not getting the outcomes they desire when it comes to their health and well being.  They are often frustrated and feeling like there just has to be a better way.  They are highly motivated to make changes but lacking direction on how to get to their desired final destination.  If I am speaking your language, holistic health coaching is a solution for you!

Engaging in holistic health coaching is life changing!  During our sessions we will co-create solutions to bring work, life, family, and all the stressors in between to a state of balance.  We will develop a comprehensive plan that includes incremental changes that are doable and tailored to you and your specific situation.  Each follow up session includes celebrating successes and adjusting as needed.  I am confident the holistic health coaching process will help connect and transform your mind, body, & spirit.


Adrenal Fatigue

Stress Management

Hormone Support

Gut Health

Whole Foods Nutrition

Movement Routines

Mindset Work

Setting Boundaries

Mindfulness Practice

Managing Anxiety

Living in Alignment with your Values 

Mindful Monday with Taylor

On the third Monday each month, we gather for one hour with the goal of creating a community dedicated to learning and applying mindfulness in everyday life.  We will review some basic tools that you can take forward into your day that are easy to implement, efficient, and effective. 


During this session, we will continue building our practice of deep relaxation and healing.  An example session is "The Healing Waterfall" full of guided imagery that takes us on a journey through a variety of scenic landscapes. 


Come and engage your senses and treat yourself to slowing down and tuning into your body.  


Register for Mindful Mondays on Meetup.

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