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Reiki Classes

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Interested in Becoming Reiki?

We have just the class for you!

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Reiki Classes & Lineages Offered

Usui Reiki Ryoho

Levels I, II and III (Master)

Reiki Master Teacher

Crystal Reiki*

Levels I, II and III (Master)

*Pre-requisite is Usui Reiki I

Holy Fire® Reiki 

Levels I, II and III (Master)

Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki 

Kelly is an Usui, Crystal, and Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, who would be honored to welcome you to the amazing healing energy and power of Reiki.

Kelly has studied Reiki since 2017 after a long-time love of all things involving crystals, chakras, metaphysical healing, astrological and more. She is an avid student of the healing arts, always looking to expand her knowledge and skills to provide the most in-depth healing to her clients and extensive, comprehensive training for her students.


Also trained in the following: Crystal Energy Healer, Chakra Energy Healer, Angelic Healing Practitioner, & Spiritual Coaching. 

My work with Reiki has changed my life, as well as my outlook on life.  I would love to help it change yours.


What Students Say ...

Tara, Usui Reiki Master Practitioner

"Thank you so much for the amazing Reiki training program. Your thoughtfulness with the gifts each class, attention to details like the card pull to start class, real work applications, and your organization for each class made this an incredibly valuable experience. Worth every penny. 


Kelly is truly gifted at what she does. Her shop is clean and perfect environment for relaxation. She is passionate for healing others and does so in a professional, honest, and in truly skilled ways."

Jon, Usui Reiki Master Practitioner

"What a wonderful experience. Kelly was very kind and gentle with her teaching. I learned so much and got sent home with so many resources I'm already looking forward to the next session."

Lisa, Usui Reiki 2 / Crystal Reiki 2

"I had great experiences taking Kelly’s Crystal Reiki Level I and II classes. Kelly is an excellent teacher and leads her students with a warm and welcoming approach. Her classes are thoughtfully organized and comprehensive. They include beautiful certification manuals for reference and review. After taking her classes I was able to confidently incorporate Crystal Reiki into my Reiki practice. I highly recommend Kelly’s Reiki training.”

Colleen, Usui Reiki Master Practitioner

"Thank you so much for another incredible class! I am so grateful to be going through my Reiki training with you. You are a wonderful teacher and role model, and your space is so healing and beautiful! I have left both classes feeling renewed and with a new energy of hope and light. It is a very empowering feeling that is really uplifting my life. I am immensely thankful!  


I feel honored to be a Reiki student of Kelly’s. She is a very knowledgeable and informative teacher, and I am very excited to continue my Reiki training with her! Her Reiki 1 class is an amazing experience. Kelly presents the material in an a very engaging way, and I really appreciate how she encourages her students to believe in themselves and their ability to connect with Reiki energy.


Also, the Reiki manual Kelly has written is an absolutely incredible resource that is not only very informative but also inspiring with words of wisdom and inspiration throughout the manual.

Michelle, Usui Reiki 2

I found Kelly on Google several years ago when looking for a colon hydrotherapist. Meeting her literally changed the course of my life. She is as real of a person as you could meet, but so endowed with Divine talent. She is so much more than just one thing -- personal coach, nutrition coach, hydrotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher.


When she offered Reiki classes I jumped at the opportunity and it began a spiritual journey that gave me tools that I use everyday. She is a patient and thoughtful guide into the sacred space of Reiki.


During my class for Reiki level 2 I felt my spirit literally elevate in my body. It has brought me a calmness and kindness that I have not been able to achieve before.


I highly recommend her as a reiki teacher. She is a constant support on your journey and amazingly talented."

John, Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner

I've had the amazing opportunity to take Crystal Reiki with Kelly. Crystal Reiki I, II, and III were all equally amazing and built well upon each other. Utilizing crystals in my Reiki practice has been a game changer for me! Learning how to integrate and amplify Crystal Healing with Reiki as well as the energetic qualities of crystals and different methods and techniques to use them in sessions has been huge. The symbols received with each attunement have also been excellent additions to my practice.  Crystal Reiki has allowed me to elevate my practice and to have a much better understanding and relationship with the crystals themselves. I cannot recommend this course enough. Easy to digest information, thorough content, and expertly taught. 

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