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Reiki Classes

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Interested in Becoming Reiki?

We have just the class for you

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Reiki Classes & Lineages Offered

Usui Reiki Ryoho

Levels I, II and III (Master)

Crystal Reiki*

Levels I, II and III (Master)

*Pre-requisite is Usui Reiki I

Holy Fire® Reiki 

Levels I, II and III (Master)

Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki 

Kelly is an Usui, Crystal, and Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, who would be honored to welcome you to the amazing healing energy and power of Reiki.

Kelly has studied Reiki since 2017 after a long-time love of all things involving crystals, chakras, metaphysical healing, astrological and more. She is an avid student of the healing arts, always looking to expand her knowledge and skills to provide the most in-depth healing to her clients and extensive, comprehensive training for her students. 

My work with Reiki has changed my life,
as well as my outlook on life.  
I would love to help it change yours.


Reiki I, II and III/Master attunements and Reiki Master Teacher training with Natalie Benoit, Wellness at Inspiration Wellness Group.

Crystal Reiki I, II and III/Master attunements, Crystal Reiki Master Teacher Training and Holy Fire III Advanced Reiki and Holy Fire III Master Teacher ignitions, Karuna Master Teacher Training from Rhiana Tehan at Be Reiki.

These energy healing teachers are Reiki masters and local, practicing Reiki practitioners.

Also trained in the following: Crystal Energy Healer, Chakra Energy Healer, Angelic Healing Practitioner, & Spiritual Coaching.

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