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Integrative Coaching

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Diets suck.

Change is hard.

What if I fail?

I'm in this alone.

I'm so busy!

I don't have the money.

Any of these sound familiar?  Yes?  Then, health coaching is for you!


We play it safe and then wonder why our lives suck. We get stuck and we fear change. The negative roommate in our head tells us we can't do it.  Yet, the truth is, it's time to break free and discover your best health and wellness.  It's time to shift your thoughts, which will shift your actions and ultimately shift your life! Then, when "shift happens", it's awesome!  

This is not a cookie cutter approach.  Every program is uniquely designed to meet and achieve your goals.  We'll learn about what you want to achieve, discuss how your priorities match up and discover ways you can work to deliver against them.  We're not talking about an upheaval, but sustainable changes to deliver the biggest results.  

Change can be scary, but seeing your hopes and dreams come to life will bring you amazement.  Of all the people in your life, you spend the most time with one person:  YOU! This is your life, it's time to grab a hold of it and start making it yours!  

We look at ALL aspects of your life, beyond nutrition, including relationships, career, self-talk, the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we learned as children, spirituality and more!  

Tired of yo-yo dieting?  Think food is the enemy?

Anxious about food?

Wish you had more energy and felt like yourself?

Can't remember what it feels like to feel like yourself?

Want to feel happier in your relationships?

Want to just simply like yourself better?

Feeling alone in how you feel?  

Tired of not getting answers for why you feel like crap?

Tired of being tired?

Feeling overwhelmed?  

Over-Committed?  Under-Appreciated?

Think you'll sleep when you die?


Digestive Wellness

Food Intolerance & Education


Emotional Eating

Emotional Well-Being

Attitude Adjustments


Diet & Detoxification

Healthy Cooking

Sugar Addiction

Discovery of What's Holding You Back


Over-Achievers/Type A Personalities

Stress Management

"People ask me why I'm so happy.  I tell them "I have a little secret" - her name is "Kelly".


—  Lynne, client

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