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About Taylor

I have seen first hand that our conventional health care delivery model has gaps in addressing the full person - mind, body, and spirit.  The conventional approach often feels more reactive than proactive. Starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming and challenging.  It is natural to hit some bumps along the way; this is normal and you are not alone!  I believe in the magic of empowered health decisions.  I believe that the body, mind, and spirit are designed to heal if given the correct tools and environment.

I have been part of the most trusted profession worldwide for nearly two decades.  My years as a registered nurse have taken me from bedside nursing, to leading large teams in the hospital setting, and managing multiple health centers around the country.  During my time at the bedside and in leadership roles I saw firsthand the value of the role of being a nurse coach. I heard time and time again from patients that they knew they needed to make a change and incorporate healthy lifestyle choices; they just didn't know how to get started. They were overwhelmed, confused, and not feeling well making them feel like they just could not get moving in a healthy direction.  Holistic health coaching is the missing piece to this scenario.  Witnessing this gap time and time again I knew it was time to make a change in the trajectory of my nursing career and enrolled and completed a course specific to nurses and became a board certified holistic health coach.

I have been blessed to practice nursing in the holistic health coaching space since 2019.   My goal with holistic health coaching is to support you with a proactive approach and help you heal.  Working with me, clients have been able to build a life that is aligned with their goals and purpose.  We co-create solutions that create the environment and give them the tools for a healthy body, mind, and spirit because true success comes from addressing all these.  Together we build a trusting relationship that ultimately leaves you feeling completely supported during the change process.  

I know first hand what it is like to not feel well.  I vividly remember the mind-numbing fatigue that often left me feeling paralyzed.  The brain fog that plagued me each day made the simplest tasks feel unbelievably difficult.   The throbbing in my joints from head to toe and the frustration that accompanied because I had no idea why everything hurt.  I dreaded my menstrual cycle that often left me wanting to crawl into bed for days on end.  Not to mention the unexplained weight gain despite diet and exercise.  I knew there was something deeper going on and I sought guidance from a multitude of doctors and left each appointment empty handed, without any solutions.  


After a long road of seeking help within our conventional health system I finally found a provider that did extensive testing and I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and severe hormone imbalance.  I tried the conventional treatment plan and was left feeling a little better but not great.  I wanted more, I deserved better than the mediocre life I was leading.  I felt like I was barely making it through the day and I had this vision of thriving instead of just surviving.  


I decided to try a more holistic approach that focused on body, mind, and spirit.  My life has transformed and I often do not recognize the woman that I used to be.  Key areas to success included looking at my values and living in alignment.  I had to get real with myself and make some difficult decisions to serve my greater good.   It was critical that I establish a stress management routine.  Gone are the days of living in fight, flight, or freeze mode!  Overall inflammation needed to be addressed by instituting a whole foods approach to eating, supporting my body to detox, looking at my household and personal care products and converting to less toxic options, and implementing a low impact movement routine.  


What I just described is a heavy lift!  It took me years to find a way to get and keep all these things in check.  It was lonely and extremely frustrating.  I am passionate that others should not have to embark on this journey alone!  I am eternally grateful for the lessons learned along the way and honored I can now support others through the process as a nurse and holistic health coach.  Let me help you, I have solutions for you!


Client Testimonials 

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Ian K.

I would recommend Taylor to anyone who is striving to find more peace, happiness and health in their life.  She has the ability to guide one to find what is needed to balance work, life, family, and stress to optimize health and wellness during difficult situations.

Marissa M.

The support and energy during the sessions was very transformational.  The coaching relationship developed into a very safe place of understanding and trust. It ended up helping me through things on many levels of self-confidence, open communication, even through grief and emotional pain.  I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels they need leadership in their life.  Leadership in a way that is safe, nurturing, honest, direct and full of compassion.  It's really a gift to be able to work with a coach who has your best interests, on many levels, at the top of their priorities during sessions. Taylor, you inspire me and I am so grateful for this experience.  

Tiffany B.

Taylor takes her clients on a deep dive of self realization and reflection, and assists them in gaining control of areas needing attention without neglecting the other areas in the process.  She demonstrates a perfect balance of accountability and celebration that a coach should express to a client.  A true gem, and one I will work with time and time again.

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